Pupil Attendance


*Laygate Community School Day begins at 08.55am*

School gates open at 08.50am and will close at 09.00am.

At 08.50am your child’s class teacher will be waiting for them to line up on the yard and take them into school to start their learning.

Each class teacher has the responsibility for keeping an accurate record of attendance.  Any pupil who is absent must be recorded as such at the beginning of the morning and afternoon session.  The Attendance register will close to teachers at 09.30am and 1.30pm.


  • Registers are a legal document and will be marked by class teachers twice a day.
  • Parents/Carers MUST always contact school before 9.20am to say your child is going to be absent and why.  If this does not happen then your child’s mark will be added as an “Unauthorised” mark in the register.
  • 10 “Unauthorised” sessions (5 school days) can lead to a Penalty Notice and a fine of ÂŁ120.00 per parent.  Notices paid within the first 21 days of issue are discounted to ÂŁ60.00.
  • Schools are to determine whether absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised.  In exceptional circumstances, they may consider factors as frequency, duration and attendance patterns.  Staff and the Attendance Officer, Mrs Nicola Morris, Child and Family Welfare Officer will be observant of situations where absence is continually condoned by parents/carers.


Children who are persistently late miss significant amounts of education, this is often the most important time of the day as it is where the teacher explains the learning for that day and what each child is expected to achieve.

Repeat absence at the beginning of the school session can amount to failure to attend regularly for the purpose of the 1996 Education Act.  The school seeks to improve general punctuality and to improve attitude of persistent offenders by:

  • Informing parents/carers of our expectations and offering ways to help combat lateness.
  • Offering praise and acknowledging latecomers who improve.
  • Ensuring that staff set a good example by arriving punctually to open doors and start lessons.
  • All children and parents/carers must understand lateness is actively discouraged, although sensitivity may be appropriate in some cases.


Pupil Absence

Trying to decide whether or not to keep your child at home when they are unwell can be difficult. In reality not every illness requires time away from school, however if you keep your child at home it is important to inform us on the first day of your child’s absence before 9.20am.

The following links provide a range of information and simple guidelines to advise parents on the best course of action for a variety of conditions and health related situations such as treatment for head lice, illnesses and absence form school.



The Head and staff believe that the links between home and school are of paramount importance as each child continues the process of learning. The Head will aim to see parents / carers  as soon as possible upon request. If this can not be immediately arranged, a meeting will be arranged.  Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with the school on all matters of learning, progress and social development relating to their child.

Parent consultations are arranged each year to enable parents and carers to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. There are also assemblies and concerts which families are invited to attend.

All adults may be actively involved in the school and are welcome to help on a voluntary basis, subject to Criminal Record Bureau checks (DBS).