Laygate Community School Curriculum Statement

Laygate Community School is a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community school committed to the development of knowledge and life skills to equip all our children for tomorrow’s world. We provide extensive support to our children and their families to ensure they have the best chance to thrive. Our multi-cultural and very diverse school community is reflected in our curriculum, providing varied enhancement opportunities to ensure the development of our children’s cultural capital. Through promoting healthy relationships and lifestyle choices, our curriculum develops the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development along with a strong emphasis on supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of all our children. This is at the heart of our bespoke curriculum.


Curriculum Intent

We aim to ensure children leave Laygate as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We will achieve this by providing a stimulating and exciting curriculum, which is both inclusive and challenging, in order to get the best from every child.

At Laygate Community school, we understand the diverse needs and backgrounds of all our children and embrace the uniqueness of every child and their family. Because of this, our curriculum embraces the cultural diversity of our community, recognising and celebrating the experiences our children are growing up with. We continually develop our curriculum to meet the needs and interests of our children, offering an excellent education underpinned by a bespoke broad, balanced and creative curriculum that provides opportunities and enhancements to increase their life experiences.

The National Curriculum lies at the heart of what is taught at Laygate. It sets out a clear, full and statutory entitlement to learning for all children aged five to eleven and determines the content of what will be taught.

It is preceded by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which is taught to children aged three to five.

Each subject has a programme of study which specifies the knowledge, skills and concepts that the children will be expected to acquire as they progress through both primary school.

A strong emphasis is also given to ensuring the children understand British Values. The development of the whole child is pivotal here at Laygate. We provide enhancement opportunities to encourage engagement in learning and provide experiences on which the children can draw upon to promote the formation of positive relationships within a safe, stable and secure environment. We have a very child centred approach here at Laygate and recognise the importance of improving the social, emotional wellbeing of our children and their families in order for our children to achieve successful outcomes.


Curriculum Implementation

Here at Laygate, our bespoke curriculum is delivered through quality first teaching. There will be times when these subjects are best taught discretely and systematically, and other times when they will be taught in a cross-curricular way enabling the children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in a broader sense. The quality of our environments serve to stimulate and engage thinking.

The long term and medium term planning for each subject provides detailed overviews of the main aims and objectives of the unit. Plans are effectively sequenced allowing opportunities to review, teach, practise and apply. Children can revisit learning so they can know and remember more. Lessons are planned with clear learning objectives which are based upon the teacher’s detailed knowledge of each child, ensuring that all tasks set are appropriate to each child’s level of ability. Our lesson plans make clear the expected outcomes for each lesson. We closely monitor groups and individuals, and for those children who do not achieve at the expected level, rigorous intervention programmes are put in place to allow all children to have the best possible chance of success.


Curriculum Impact

The development of the whole child is at the centre of everything we do here at Laygate. Children enjoy coming to school and are enthusiastic about all aspect of learning. Every child feels safe and valued because of our highly inclusive environment, where pastoral care is provided in abundance. The stability and focus we provide ensures children make very good progress and leave as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens with the skills, knowledge and aspirations to achieve in life.

Our high academic expectations along with our detailed knowledge of each child ensures all children reach their full potential at every stage of their learning journey. Regular assessment (formative and summative) and pupil progress discussions ensure early identification of children’s changing needs. Every child matters and their individual needs are catered for to ensure continued progress towards the agreed end points. The impact of our curriculum can be evidenced through:


  • the quality of teaching and learning in lessons
  • the quality of work in pupil’s books and in learning journals
  • the range and quality of work on display in school
  • conversations with children about their learning
  • the work and experiences displayed on the school website
  • class assemblies
  • subject leaders’ feedback to Governors


To find more information about the Primary Curriculum, follow the Government website link:


To find more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework, follow the Government website link:–2


For further information on how each area of the curriculum is delivered in our school, please click the subject links below:





Religious Education



Art and Design






Foreign Languages (French)


Design and Technology


SEND Curriculum Statement

N.B. Details about how we make the curriculum accessible for all pupils can be found in the Equality and Diversity Policy, the Inclusion Policy and the SEND Policy, which can be found on the school’s website.


If you have any questions or need more detail about the subjects taught in your child’s class, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Mrs. H. Austin – Curriculum Development Lead     [email protected]