Forest School Activities at Laygate Community School:

  • Take place outdoors in all weathers,
  • Provide the flexibility and freedom for child-initiated, experimental learning which increases motivation and concentration.
  • Encourage the acquisition of physical skills, co-ordination, manipulation and strength while developing an understanding of risk and building self-confidence.
  • Develop a sense of trust and achievement.
  • Encourage problem solving and creative skills.
  • Increase health and well-being.
  • Develop strong social skills and improve communication and co-operation.

Harvesting our vegetables.

Woodland Crafts.


One of the main aspects we follow during our Forest School sessions is the aspect of free play. Play is the most natural thing for children. They find joy in play experiences because of the endorphins released allow the mind and body to relax. Play is free-flowing and open-ended, thus making it enjoyable. The child has the power to take the play into any direction which makes most sense to him or her. Play is the fundamental element of learning. It is through play the child makes meaning of the world around him.

During Forest School sessions, children spend regular time learning outdoors in child led / child initiated activities. Children take part in woodland crafts, learn how to use tools to create wooden objects and participate in cooking on fire sessions.

Our fire pit.

Toasting marshmallows.

We grow our own vegetables and harvest them in Autumn. Our organic vegetables are used in soups which we cook on fire.

Our tasty vegetable soup.

We have also planted trees, plants and flowers in our EYFS outdoor area.


Getting ready to plant our tree from the Woodland Trust.