Safer Internet Day 2022 took place on 8th February with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.

The teachers across ks1 and ks2 introduced the children to Google’s Be Internet Legends programme which teaches young children how to become smart and confident explorers of the online world. The children were very excited to receive their own  3D-printed Internet Legend trophy in pieces which they could take home to finish with their families. To unlock assembly instructions, the children were required to correctly answer twenty quiz questions on topics like strong passwords, standing up to cyberbullies and keeping personal information secure.

The children were very excited to show off their finished trophy. Some of the children shared photos of their finished project via Google Classroom whilst others brought them back to school the next day. A very fun, challenging but informative day. The teachers were extremely impressed with the children’s knowledge of internet safety. Well done Laygate School.

Here is the link to the game that can be played at home:

Lovely feedback from one of the ks1 pupils

Year 3 hard at work

Two year 3 boys working together to answer the internet safety quiz questions