In Year 4/5 we have studied the Tudors. We found out about the kinds of clothes worn by the Tudors and created our own designs for rich Tudor people.
Then we looked at the construction of Tudor houses before making model Tudor houses of our own. We tried to recreate the timber frames and the ‘jetty’ which is the overhanging upper floor of the Tudor house.
Also we looked at the Tudor family tree and we found out the meaning behind the Tudor rose. The red petals representΒ the House of Lancaster and the white petals represent the House of York.
In RE we have looked at how religious care for others. First of all we found out about the Golden Rule which focuses on the idea that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. We found out that all religions have a similar rule and we made a display to show this.
We found out about the Langar meal which is served at the Gurdwara. We recreated the meal by preparing and serving vegetarian food. This is because Sikhs would be able to serve food to everyone regardless of their religion. We sat in rows. This is to help the service of the food but also Sikhs do this to show that regardless of background, religion, gender or age everyone is welcome and treated equally.
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