First Time Login

Teachers will provide information about your child’s email address and their class code in the work pack.

  1. Login to google classroom on a laptop, Chrome book, Ipad, tablet or mobile phone with the email address provided in your work packs. (Google Classroom can also be accessed through an Xbox or Playstation).
  2. A Realsmart box will popup. Scroll down to find ‘Laygate Primary School’ and press continue.
  3. Input your child’s username- (first name and first letter of their second name) followed by the password which is simply ‘password’.
  4. You will be prompted to create a new password for your child. Choose a memorable password that is secure but one that your child will remember.
  5. Join the classroom using the instructions in your work pack.
  6. Next time you login will be more straight forward.

Learning will be updated on Google Classroom daily to complete at home with your children. For instructions how to access Google Classroom, please follow the link to the instructional videos:

Video – What is Google Classroom?

Video – How to use Google Classroom.

Video – How to submit work on Google Classroom.